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Invasive: Yes Invasive Yes
Pain: Mild pain Pain Mild pain
Duration: 1-day surgery Duration 1-day surgery
Downtime: 5 weeks Downtime 5 weeks
Final results: after 5 days Final results after 5 days
Price: upon request Price upon request
Rejuvenation Rhinoplasty
A surgical solution to treat the aging features of the nose.

Treatment Analysis:

The rejuvenation rhinoplasty procedure is a less invasive solution that combats specific features of an aging nose. With a small incision made either inside the nose or between the nostrils, the doctor is able to elevate overlying nasal skin, lift a droopy tip or correct a bridge bump.


Ideal Candidate:

As with any feature of our body, aging can take a toll on the nose. If you liked your nose when you were young, and you're not happy with the way it has changed, then this rejuvenation technique is ideal for you.

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