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Invasive: Yes Invasive Yes
Pain: Mild pain after treatment Pain Mild pain after treatment
Duration: 1-day surgery Duration 1-day surgery
Downtime: 2-8 days Downtime 2-8 days
Sedation: Local sedation Sedation Local sedation
Results last: Long-term results Results last Long-term results
Price: upon request Price upon request
Facial Lipostructure
The use of autologous fat to reshape and sculpt a harmonious and balanced face.

Treatment Analysis:

Loss of volume (typically in the form of fat tissue), is a common problem that can cause a face to look older and more severe or sad. Lipostructure treatment involves reinjecting your own fat cells, which have been aspirated and purified, in order to restore facial volumes. The restoration of volume not only reshapes the face but also enhances the skin yielding healthier and tighter skin – a great complement to a facelift.


Ideal Candidate:

This treatment is commonly undergone by individuals suffering from hollow cheeks and lower eyelids, patients who need a reshaping of the chin and lips, and those in need of correction of the nasolabial folds. 

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