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Invasive: Yes Invasive Yes
Pain: Mild pain after treatment Pain Mild pain after treatment
Duration: 1-day surgery Duration 1-day surgery
Downtime: 1 week Downtime 1 week
Sedation: Local sedation Sedation Local sedation
Results last: 10 years Results last 10 years
Price: upon request Price upon request
Breast Augmentation (Implant)
Enhance, reshape and correct the appearance of your breasts.

Treatment analysis:

Probably the most popular treatment to date, breast augmentation (with the use of implants) is used to treat a number of concerns such as small, asymmetrical or sagging breasts.

With a single cut incision in the areola, under the breast or under the arm, the surgeon is able to create a pocket either in front or behind the muscle. The silicone implant is inserted in that pocket to yield the boost and reshaping that you desire. As a bonus, the incision leaves minimal scarring thus making it almost invisible.


Ideal Candidate:

Women who typically undergo a breast augmentation are: Women looking to enhance their appearance as they consider their breast size too small, women who have experienced a reduction in breast size due to pregnancy and/or weight loss, and women with asymmetrical breasts.

Emphasize on quality and progress so as to achieve greater impact.
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