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Non-invasive: Yes Non-invasive Yes
Pain: No pain Pain No pain
Duration: 20mins Duration 20mins
Downtime: No downtime Downtime No downtime
Final results: after 1 week Final results after 1 week
Price: upon request Price upon request
Anti-Aging Peel
The most popular skin regeneration treatment that effectively restores healthy skin conditions and a youthful appearance.

Treatment Analysis

The Anti-Aging Peel is an effective skin regeneration and rejuvenation treatment that helps you regain a healthy and youthful appearance. This go-to solution treats a plethora of imperfections commonly associated with aging such as; wrinkles and fine lines, sun-damaged skin, loss of elasticity, acne and acne scars and irregular pigmentation.


Ideal Candidate

The Anti-Aging Peel is an ideal treatment at the beginning of autumn. It cleanses and purifies skin damaged by the sun or by time, revealing a more youthful and healthier appearance. 

Clinique DEL MAR is a stellar example of the ideal equilibrium of symmetry, satisfaction and opulence.
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