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Non-invasive: Yes Non-invasive Yes
Pain: No pain Pain No pain
Duration: 15-60mins Duration 15-60mins
Downtime: No downtime Downtime No downtime
Final results: after 3 months Final results after 3 months
Price: 200-2000 euros Price 200-2000 euros
Ultherapy (HIFU) Medical Lift
An innovative, focused, ultrasound technology solution to lift and stimulate loose skin.

Treatment Analysis

The Ultherapy HIFU Medical Lift makes use of targeted ultrasound energy in order to heat up and to tighten tissue. The treatment is directed at the same muscle used in face lift surgeries thus the result is a lifting and tightening effect, with the production of collagen allowing skin to regain its youthfulness.


Ideal Candidate

This procedure is ideal for patients with sagging skin who want a treatment that mimics the effects of a facelift without the need for surgery. 



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