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Non-invasive: Yes Non-invasive Yes
Pain: No pain Pain No pain
Duration: depends on area to be treated Duration depends on area to be treated
Downtime: No downtime Downtime No downtime
Final results: appear after 2nd session Final results appear after 2nd session
Price: 150euros Price 150euros
Radiofrequency Laser
Regain skin firmness, plumpness and tone that is typically lost with age.

Treatment Analysis

The Radiofrequency Laser is an ideal non-surgical skin tightening solution that can be used anywhere on the body. In comparison to other lasers, it does not emit light but electricity, and the heat created is a result of the resistance of the skin as the energy penetrates it. What actually takes place is the travelling of targeted energy to the deeper layers of the skin thus prompting the production of collagen and elastin.  The process itself makes use of a handheld device that heats the skin to achieve the tightening effect the user is looking for.

A major advantage of this treatment is that it has been dubbed as “color blind” meaning that it can be used on all skin types, as it doesn’t heat up melanin.

Please keep in mind that this is a gradual process that will require a few treatments before you can see the desired results.


Ideal Candidate

The Radiofrequency Laser is typically sought out by women over the age of 30 who have noticed a change in their appearance who have noticed a change in their appearance caused by the slowing of elastin and collagen production. Revamp your look and regain a youthful appearance in just a few sessions.

Clinique DEL MAR is a stellar example of the ideal equilibrium of symmetry, satisfaction and opulence.
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