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Non-invasive: Yes Non-invasive Yes
Pain: No pain Pain No pain
Duration: 30mins Duration 30mins
Downtime: No downtime Downtime No downtime
Final results: after 2-4 sessions Final results after 2-4 sessions
Price: upon request Price upon request
It is the number one treatment in the world for cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin. A glowing complexion is guaranteed!

Treatment Analysis

The main actions of the Hydrafacial are to cleanse, exfoliate and remove impurities and dead skin cells while boosting the skin with essential nutrients such as antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Ideal Candidate

This treatment is ideal for all skin types, including problem and inflammatory skin, due to its pore-cleansing action. It is also suitable for the treatment of fine lines, and helps to tighten pores. After the Hydrafacial, patients are delighted with their glowing skin regardless of age or skin type.



Clinique DEL MAR is a stellar example of the ideal equilibrium of symmetry, satisfaction and opulence.
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