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Articles 07 AUG 2020
Post-Holiday, Pre-Work Beauty Protocol


Summer may be all about fun in the sun, deep tans and plenty of splashing around however there are a number of pitfalls to our favorite season as well. Most of the negatives of summertime have to do with the effects of sun exposure on our skin and its aftermath. The key word in all of this is hydration and its importance in being restored back in our skin to bring forth a healthy and beautiful glow.

At Clinique Del Mar we have devised a special post-holiday, pre-work protocol package that can be customized to the individual needs of each candidate.

The protocol starts off with the highly popular and effective Hydrafacial treatment known as the triple threat of the beauty industry that cleanses, extracts and hydrates skin. As a result skin is resurfaced, intensely moisturized and boosted with antioxidants and peptides for a healthy glow.

With the skin now deeply cleansed from the sunscreens applied over the summer and dullness caused by a faded tan being uplifted from the skin’s surface, we move on to the application of the Kleresca Transformation Facial.

The Kleresca facial is most commonly known for gently healing the skin by stimulating the skin’s own repair system for a number of therapeutic and aesthetic conditions ranging from acne to skin rejuvenation.

Last but not least, we recommend the use of the much-loved Universkin cosmetic range as a go-to skin routine that will enhance the hydrating and skin repair results. Ideally you would start your beauty ritual with the Universkin cleansing oil and its anti-inflammatory properties followed by your very own, personalized serum that will be made to measure depending on your needs.

Your beauty protocol will conclude with the Universkin Serum H known as the ultimate, evening, nourishing cream.



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